In a world of contradictions and hustle and bustle, Ala Cya makes time slow down. The independent artist and aspiring producer currently spends much of her life in her van, writing her songs in the most breathtaking locations in Europe. With freedom in her heart and an honest tongue, the artist writes about sensitive topics and gently takes the listener on a journey to herself. With her strong voice and fragile at the same time, she breaks clichés by reminding that love is free. And if it isn't, it isn't love. In 2021 Ala Cya released her debut Album "Reflection". Just a few months later her second  Album "Invisible Worlds, she wrote in cooperation with Thomas Eifert, was released by Intervox Productions. 


Her musical path began as a child. She did not speak much, but she felt everything around her. She liked to express that in the form of music. At the age of 9 she composed her first instrumental pieces on the piano. At the age of 12 she taught herself to play the guitar and wrote her first songs. The jazz city of Krakow became her first stage as she played in the streets. Her adventurous spirit took her to the south of Europe, to Granada, where at the age of 19 she decided to live only from music. She quit her job in Germany and started to gain musical experience. After her band "a little bit of all" broke up due to unpleasant experiences, she decided to be her own king.  She traveled again alone to Portugal where she retreated in a construction trailer on a steppe and wrote her debut EP "Treasureunt" within 5 days.  Traveling became a habit and an important part of the artist.  Ala Cya's songs are created in the most breathtaking places in Europe. The lyrics and melodies are inspired by nature and what the artist sees and experiences during her travels.  She herself speaks on stage about topics such as depression, self-love and how our inner self is reflected on the outside. In a very authentic way, she shares her experiences and speaks openly with her audience.  



 Photo Credit @ Chris Tervooren