Ala Cya was born on the planet earth. Earth, otherwise known as the world, is the third planet from the sun, largest of the solar system's four terrestrial planets, and the only astronomical object known to harbor life. Ala Cya makes music to get in touch with the world. When she's singing, she feels free, because music has no rules and no borders. It's her way to express herself and her thoughts about life.


At 12 years of age, she arranged her first piano composition that she's still playing on stage. Few months later she wrote her first song. She was 15 years old as she started busking in Cracow, a polish city famous for jazz and art. It was the beginning of her treasure hunt. At the age of 19, she started to travel alone with her guitar through Spain. Most of her songs were written while she was traveling through Europe and discovering new places. The multifaceted artist writes all of her own material and performs them in an authentic and natural way.