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About me

"I'm my own King!". This has been the motto of her musical work from the very beginning. The 29-year-old musician lives permanently in a VW bus and travels through Europe. She shares the experiences of her travels and her inspiration by nature directly with her audience. The result is a colorful, magical world of spherical sounds. A journey into the innermost self, between space and time. With a powerful yet tender voice, she sings of equality, love and our connection to the earth. The cinematic music of the indie artist moves between spherical pop with classical influences, underpinned by a touch of ethno-electronic sounds.

After releasing her debut album "Reflection" and her second album "Invisible Worlds" in the last two years, Ala Cya is now working on her second EP in the Canary Islands. Through "Elements", Ala Cya wants to use her music to actively draw attention to the beauty of nature and the urgency to treat it with respect. Her new EP "Elements" will be released at the end of summer 2024.

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